LOTUS Mould Release Oil

LOTUS Mould Release Oil is quality lubricant blended with mineral base oil and solvent to non-sticking property for use in wooden, aluminium or steel shuttering in concrete and ceramic work. Zinol Mould Release Oil having good demulsibility and provides high quality surface finish. It can be applied by brush or spray.

ISO Grade 32
Specofic Gravity 60/60°F 0.840
Visosity @40°C, cSt 32
Flash Point 207
Pour Point -6
Product Code 3190
  • Lotus Mould Release Oil is recommended for use as coating on wooden, aluminium and steel surfaces that are prone to splattering of cement or plaster.
  • Easy parting of mould with concrete surface.
  • Repel water from wood.
  • Protect steel mould with rust.
  • Stain free and leave the surface smooth.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified Energy API Certified